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Prevention and protection from child labour

Through our flagship Bal Mitra Gram programme, we are creating a holisitc child protection environment in the intervention areas where all children are in school and no child is involved in child labour.



Ensuring the participation of children and community members in the decision-making processes. This will allow the decisions to be taken in the favour of the communities and the children, ensuring development.



  • Working with the government on policies to legalize mica mining without harming the environment to provide a stable source of income for the locals.

  • Working on policies for the formation of cooperatives for legally selling mica to the traders. This will help create a group of local individuals with collective bargaining power, thus preventing the exploitation of individuals by the traders. The cooperatives will be able to decide the selling price of the mica and sell the product to the highest bidder in the market.



Harnessing the culture of partnership and working hand in hand with the community, local government, local NGOs, traders, processing units and exporters to ensure that there is no child labour in the mica supply chain.

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