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Career Counseling Workshop for Former Child Labourers

Our team organised a Career Counseling Workshop aimed at guiding the youth of the Koderma and Giridih districts in Jharkhand. After safeguarding over 20,000 children from exploitation and integrating them into mainstream society through education, now, the focus is on providing professional education and training to enhance their employability skills and transition them away from reliance on the mica mining sector. The workshop saw 720 participants who used to be child labourers in mica mines and are now attending secondary and senior secondary schools. It provided insights into various professional courses, employment opportunities, and competitive examinations.

"Thanks to the Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation, I found my way back to school. Today, as I stand at the crossroads after my intermediate exams, uncertain but hopeful, the career guidance offered by the foundation fills me with direction. My dream of becoming a teacher feels within reach, and I vow to use this opportunity to uplift the children of my community, just as I was uplifted."

- Bhola Kumar, Murgiyachak BMG

"With the support of Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation, I returned to the path of education despite financial hurdles. Today, through career counselling, I've found a new purpose: to join the Jharkhand Police and fight against child labour and child marriage in my community. Gratitude to the foundation for lighting the way forward, and may their efforts continue to illuminate the dreams of children like me in the future."

- Pooja Kumari, Theswa BMG

"Thanks to the insightful career counselling provided by the Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation, I now understand the path to realizing my dream of becoming a pilot in the Indian Air Force. With determination and gratitude, I embark on this journey, aiming to soar high in the skies and serve my country. Here's to the foundation for guiding dreams into reality, and may their endeavours continue to empower aspiring youth like me in the future."

- Mithlesh Kumar Singh, Hathpindwa BMG

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