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From Child Labour to Activism: How Champa Kumari Became a Change Agent

Champa Kumari was just 12 years old when she was rescued from one of the mica mines in Jharkhand.

She was working as a child labourer when all she wanted was to pursue her education. Despite her father being against her education, her brothers supported her and our organisation helped in enrolling her in a school. Long story short, Champa is now a child leader in one of our child-friendly villages and is playing the role of a changemaker.

She actively works with the local authorities to combat child marriage in her village. Despite facing threats from her community members, she continues to foil child marriages in her village with her undeterred spirit.

Champa won the Diana Award in April 2019 for being a crusader against violence and exploitation of children and was felicitated by the Governor of Jharkhand.

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